Amber Ray (amberray) wrote in blitzkids,
Amber Ray

Yessireeeeee...happy Vally is the place to be!!!!

And this Diva Arrived LATE!!!!

We have longed...
We have searched...
We have climbed the building tops, and searched in the subways mazes below...
Somewhere in the middle...
(suprisingly RIGHT across from the Gershwin NYC), we found It!
Brought to you by Kenny Kenny and Suzanne Bartsch....and a bunch of other Delicious, Ripe Fashionista Fruit.

Natasha was having a Birthday, Robert had taken her for dinner and then I promised them a killer party to end the night with.
Walking up was a real treat, I was instantly glamified by Theadora, Suzanne's former assistant (who was doing the door), and a gaggle of other super glamamoids!
Delightfully blitzed past the ropes...we were in for a small adventure.

I walk though the door and there is a mish mosh of a dancefloor happening reminiscent to the pictures of studio 54.
DIRECTLY Upon openning the door, Robert, Natasha and I found ourselves baked into a hot Dance Pie with Amanda Lepore, Kenny kenny, Micheal T., Miranda Moondust and GAZELLE.
ALL I DID was open the door!
Amanda and I gave air kisses and meow meow meow meowed and pawed at eachother (as is our meeting ritual).
Kenny Kenny said..."SO When are you coming to perform for us.??!!!!...Call me tomorrow!!!"

Giant leg cutouts are seductively raised and teasing over the Bar...and the rumors were true...the DJ booth is in a DISCO BALL.
A coco chic asian gogo girl is dancing in a neon barred cage above the opposite side of the bar from the disco-ball Dj booth.
Upon further exploration, a tall, round, tiered stage is Beaconing that future performance, Kenny Kenny asked about earlier.
I got there late so the party was winding down...
The Music was amazing...Everything from Front 242, to new Fischerspooner...VERY EXCITING.
I danced and danced and danced.
And snapped pics...

2 Serious Women...Suzanne Bartsch (The Co-Hostess) and I.

The Birthday GRRRL, Natasha.

Miz T.

Chic, But who is he???

Model Perfect, Brandon Olson

Bday GRRl and Myself

Dance Flower Doll

Vanetian Gazelle Cathulu


One third of THE ONES...FLAWLESS?

Robert and Natasha

Moondust and Mackie(I think)?


Amanda and Moi
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