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Of course, in order to get in you had to get past Steve Strange, who had been appointed doorman. There was only one rule at Blitz - if you looked "right" he'd let you through. If you didn't, forget it. This meant some seriously creative dressing. Theatrical get-ups were the clobber du jour; swashbuckling piratical gear, Kabuki mask, make-up, the lot. Trannies and cross dressers got a warm welcome (Boy George was a regular). There were sad Pierrot clowns, majorettes and Carmen Mirandas (and that was just the boys). Anyone else could shove it.
--from the booklet of the '93 CD "The Best Of Visage" (Polydor 521 053-2)

Yes, it's yet another pointless, vapid "Please Tell Me I'm Cool!" community. Wheeeeeee! This one is all about the style, baby: if you look right, you're in... everyone else can shove it.

What's "right"? One hesitates to use the word "unique" since nothing truly is nowadays, but we're looking for "unusual" if nothing else. Being unusual isn't enough, though... you have to be unusual with *style* and a certain measure of creativity, and you have to look damn good doing it.

A few styles and influences that have potential: New Romantic, New Wave, Cyber, old school Goth/Deathrock, Visual Kei, Elegant Gothic Lolita/Aristocrat, Electroclash. Even better if you're the type of painfully fabulous club kid who defies easy genre description.

Fashion sins that need not apply: mall goths/punks, anything emo, anyone who thinks clown white is a viable makeup option or who believes that buying a bunch of random hideous crap at a thrift store & wearing it all at once makes them "Fruits-y".

The rules:

1) Upon joining, you will immediately post some pictures of yourself, preferably clearly showcasing your hair, makeup, and clothing. We are not impressed or fooled by "artistic" angles/lighting/lack of focus/filters. If we can't see you, we can't judge you fairly & will assume that you suck. If you do not post pix w/in a day or so of your joining the comm, your membership will be revoked w/o warning. If this happens, you can still re-join at a later date, just be sure to only do so when you're ready to post pictures. If you'd like to watch the comm w/o actually participating in it, just add the comm as a friend rather than joining it.

2) Note that we said you will post *pictures*, not links to pictures. If you can't figure out how to get free pic hosting that allows remote linking and/or can't be bothered to learn how to properly link pictures, you are obviously not fit to be here.

3) One would hope this would be too obvious for words, but just in case: you will only submit pictures of yourself. Do not apply for membership on behalf of someone else, & for the love of Bob definitely don't pretend to be someone else.

4) You will cut the very large, the risque, or the numerous. Consult the LJ FAQ if you don't know how to do this.

5) Stamped "In" members will play the role of doorman & vote as to whether or not you are In. Final decision is up to the whim of the mods.

6) If you're In, you're In! Welcome to our club. Feel free to pass judgement upon those who come after you. Also feel free to post more pictures of your unspeakable keen-ness. We are here, after all, to Be Seen.

7) If you're not In, you're gone. Leave the community, or a mod will throw you out. As long as you play nice, you can come back a week or more later and try again. If you're an ass, you will be banned.

8) Do not post more than once, or leave comments in anybody's post other than your own until you are In (ie, you have posted your pix to the community & been officially stamped "In" by one of the mods). Both are banning offenses.

9) We will be keeping a list of "In" people in the memories of this community, but it may not always be absolutely up-to-date. If you're already In, you may want to say so when you post.

Things to remember: we are not always nice, so if you're coming here just for an ego stroking, you may be sadly disapointed. If we tell you that you're a horrible toad-like thing that should never leave the house, then just accept it and move on. Trying to insult us just makes you look like a whiney little bitch (in addition to being a horrible toad-like thing). Remember, *you* came *here* of your own free will, and the opinion of a bunch of strangers in a stupid LJ community really has no impact on your life or your worth as a human being.

Your esteemed & spectacular moderators are zoloft and calistrisa.
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